Experts As a Service (EaaS)



An even bigger challenge than buying the right data protection technology is to be able to implement that technology and realise its full security potential. Many organisations struggle to performing ongoing optimisation and monitoring to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Our expert security teams deliver comprehensive, enterprise-wide security assessment, design, and deployment services to help you build effective data-security solutions. Let our experts show you how to implement best practices for information protection and reduce threats to your sensitive data and critical information assets.

Dimensions IT has made a commitment to help businesses plan, build, and run successful and high quality Cyber Security Programs. Our defense and offence teams, talented and professional cyber security experts partner with enterprise-class organizations to provide a full package of Cyber Security services and solutions that help and make businesses, governments, and other institutions operate much more successfully and securely, when the cyber security space is under constant threat of attack.

Our team of cyber security professionals give organizations the necessary level of operational cyber security assistance to perform custom tasks and answer to certain required project needs.

Benefits of outsourcing security engineers :

  • Certified Cyber Security Specialists in your hands to drive the business
  • No need of investment in trainings and skilling up the on-site team – we got it all
  • No day-to-day disruption while meeting project timelines
  • High quality and speed in management and development
  • Cut costs and time-to-market with us
Benefits of Outsourcing
Benefits of Outsourcing